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Developmental Baby Massage is the simplest and most effective way for parents to encourage their child's growth and development.  The massage techniques encourage  the baby through the natural steps and stages of their development.  

Improving the quality of touch between parent and child is a wonderful skill to develop and this is the best possible way to do it.
These techniques relax the tummy to deepen the baby’s breathing rhythm , promote overall relaxation and aid digestion.  These techniques can also be highly effective in dealing with birth trauma and early infant anxiety.  
I have been trained by Peter Walker personally.  Peter Walker is an international teacher and the world’s foremost authority on Developmental  Baby Massage'. My training is endorsed by 'Viveka' and 'The Active Birth Centre'.
Developmental Baby Massage

Courses are appropriate for babies from birth up to the point they have learnt to walk.  

I teach from my home in Two Mile Ash, Milton Keynes or if you have a group of friends who would like a course I can come to one of your homes to teach the sessions,  which can be booked on days and times to suit the needs of your group.


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£45.00 for a 5 week course.
Courses are 5 session long and last around one hour depending on the requirements of the group. 


Classes have been put on hold for the foreseeable future.

Cath Aylmer

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