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About Me


After having my first daughter in 2004 I decided I would like a career change as Managing IT Projects for a Telecoms company was not conducive to family life.  I therefore embarked on my training with the NCT to become an Antenatal Teacher.  


This training took me through a journey, I started teaching in 2007 and at the beginning of 2008 I obtained my diploma in Antenatal Education.

After teaching for 18 months I decided to expand my skills and trained again with the NCT to run Relax Stretch and Breathe Classes.

I really enjoy running these courses and wanted to expand my skill set further to support parents in the postnatal period.  So in 2010 I qualified to run Developmental Baby Massage courses which have been very successful and I have also completed all the training required to run Soft Postnatal Mother and Baby Yoga and Children's Yoga Gym.


Cath Aylmer