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The links on this page include information and handouts to support topics discussed in my courses.  This is evidence based information regarding labour, birth and early parenting.










General Information

MIDIRS Informed Choice

NCT Information Centre


Labour and Birth

Signs of Labour

Aromatherapy in Labour

Bag for Birth

Birth Preferences

Birth Partner Tool Kit

Birth Plan Template - Planned Caesarian

Birth Plan Template - Home Birth

Birth Plan Template Hospital Birth

Breathing and Massage Techniques During Labour

Method of Pain Relief

C Section

Working with Pain in Labour

Home Birth Reference Site

NCT Home Birth

NCT Straightforward Birth

NCT Labour and Birth in Water

NCT Vaginal Birth After Caesarean

Third Stage Of Labour — Managed or Physiological

Unplanned Home Birth


Before Labour

Optimal Fetal Positioning

Prenatal Perineal Massage

NCT Breech Baby

NCT Low Lying Placenta

Hospital Information

Bedford Hospital Maternity Services

Milton Keynes Maternity Services

Stoke Mandeville Maternity Services

Birth Choice UK—Information and Statistics on all hospitals in the UK

Support for Parents Expecting Twins

TAMBA—Twins and Multiple Birth Association

Twins On Line

Twins UK

Support for Lone Parents

Gingerbread  - for single parents

Support for Parents of Premature  or Poorly Babies



Skin to Skin Contact

NHS Breastfeeding  - Off to the Best Start

NHS Breastfeeding and Work

NCT Breastfeeding Possible Problems

NCT Expressing Milk

NCT Breastfeeding and Your Nipples

NCT Fathers and Breastfeeding

NCT How Can I Tell if My Baby is Feeding Well

What’s in a Nappy ?


NHS Bottle Feeding

NCT Using Infant Formula

Postnatal Information

Foundation for the Study of Infant Death Syndrome


Post Natal Depression


Co Sleeping


Bathing Tips


MK Real Nappy Scheme


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